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YouTube is now the 2nd most popular search engine on the internet. This fact illustrates how important a video presence on the internet has become for potential customers to learn about different services, products, trainings, and special offers. Marketing videos help to educate the public while making important additions to websites.  Allow Frost Films to produce a creative, unique, and memorable video for you. Trust a production studio  with experience with small to large business such as Capital One, LiveEdit, Twistin Vixens, Bed Bug Guys, and The Rat Pack. Contact us to discuss schedule a free consultation for your next project. Its important to first know your audience and know that people online tend to respond to videos that inform, entertain, educate or inspire.

Marketing videos have become the frosting on the cake for many marketing campaigns. So here are the different types of grades of frosting from sweetest to sweet. 

1.SWEETEST OPTION $2,500-5,000+:

This option really takes the cake! It allows for the most freedom within production and can incorporate a series of smaller videos  between 1-3 minutes or one long video up to 30 minutes of one long video. It includes professional voice overs, custom music, actors, graphics, lighting, and high quality sound. The sky is really the limit with this option and provides a great opportunity to show case the maximum amount of marketing, promotional, training, or safety communication.  

2.VERY SWEET OPTION $1,000-2,500:

This is an excellent option for businesses needing a marketing video between 2-5 minutes. These short films can include impressive sound tracks along with graphics, voice overs, actors, and professional lighting. Creative story boarding is also available.   

3.SWEET OPTION $500- 1,000:

These videos are between 30 seconds and 1 minute long. They can include a royalty free song and professional voice over.  

*Rates: Depend greatly on what is required for the audio, visual, time, talent, and creative process. 

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